Affiliate program for models

Affiliate program for models

What is an affiliate program for models?

Affiliate program for models is an opportunity for additional income without much effort. Involve new models for work with our webcam jobs agency and get additional income in the form of interest from the earnings of each model you attract.

How working affiliate program for models?

Do you have many friends or a large audience coverage in social networks? You can use it and receive additional income from our webcam jobs agency. All you need is to attract new models to work with webcam jobs agency and guide them to us. That the model was considered to be attracted by you, you write to the mail [email protected] her contact details and we already contact her for employment. Another option is the model itself fills in an application on our website but in the column where it found out about us from you.

If you do not work with us as a model, but want to become an agent and involve other models, this is not a problem, and you need to do everything as well as our models to attract models, but first email us at [email protected] that you want to become an agent.

Our agents who works under the affiliate program for models have 10% of the earnings of each webcam model they attract. The most successful agents in each month are awarded bonuses.