Applications and bots Chaturbate (apps & bots)

Apps&Bots Chaturbate

Surely you already noticed that in webcams video chat Chaturbate is a menu item Apps & Bots Chaturbate. What is Apps & Bots Chaturbate, for what they and how to use them we will tell in this post.

What is Apps&Bots Chaturbate

Chaturbate is very versatile and at the same time simple webcam videochat. Apps & Bots Chaturbate make the work of the web model in this foreign video chat a real game for users, and if sometime when you or your visitors were bored in your video chat room, then with Apps & Bots Chaturbate this problem will go away forever.

For example: there are lottery applications where you specify in the settings the number of tokens and prizes from you, and to the one who gives something or other makes a gift, let’s say an air kiss. There are a lot of such trifles.

There can be only one active application on the chaturbate, but bots can be three at a time. The difference is that the applications are basically games. And bots, this is, as elsewhere, programs for automating actions – for example, automatically writing “thanks” to everyone who gives you a tip.

How to use Apps & Bots Chaturbate (applications and bots Chaturbate)

To enable Apps & Bots Chaturbate, in your Chaturbate account, start the broadcast, below the window of your video

Apps&Bots Chaturbate - выбор приложения и ботов чатурбайт

Apps&Bots Chaturbate – выбор приложения и ботов чатурбайт

select Apps by clicking »Choose an App» to add for Bot click «Choose a Bot» a new window will open



Then clicking on the name of the application or bot caturabyte, you can see descriptions and instructions for installation and configuration. If you already know what you need, then simply click on “Launch” on the blue button of the application or bot that you need, enter the settings (such as price, etc.) and then click “start app” or “start bot” respectively.

Apps&Bots Chaturbate - запуск приложения и ботов чатурбайт

Apps&Bots Chaturbate – запуск приложения и ботов чатурбайт

Here you can add your favorite applications and bots to favorites (the orange button on the right is “+ add to favorites”) and the next time you select applications and chaturbate for the broadcast, your favorites will be at the top.

We recommend you try the Tip Goal application, which is set up in the image above. Here everything is simple, write a goal (what will you do when visitors crowd up the right amount) and write this  cost. Earned, done, restarted Tip Goal – write a new goal, which you collect and set a new price.

There is a Chaturbat Tip Multi Goal application in it you can set several targets at once, which automatically change and do not need to be restarted.

It is also recommended to try bots like Tippers Leaderboard * and Auto Tip Thank You **. Note that bots and Chaturbate applications are different things, the application is often games like lottery, etc., and bots like everywhere else – programs for automating actions. The difference is that the application is active at one time, there can be only one, but the bots up to 3 at a time.

* This bot shows a table of leaders on the tip in your room, that is, 3 nicknames, which you have given at the moment to you the most amount of tips. In the settings, you can change the interval and conditions for displaying notifications. You can simply run it with the default settings.
** The essence of this bot is even simpler and fits in its name – the bot will automatically write “thanks” or the text you specify, to anyone who will give you a tip. In the settings, the minimum amount of tips to trigger the bot and the text of the message itself change. You can simply run it with the default settings.

Here is an example of working with the Chaturbate

Want today to earn 2000 tokens, come up with several goals, divide 2000 by the number of goals. At first, something is a simple and inexpensive price. For example – 100 tokens – I’ll take off the jacket, then 200 tokens – I’ll take off my bra, then 200 tokens – I’ll take off my skirt, then 300 – I’ll take off my panties. There are already 800 tokens … etc. On a couple of bots, your fantasy and privates, the earnings will be what you need and work will become much more interesting to you and your viewers. But just set a goal and sit waiting that everyone will immediately start pouring into your side with tokens not worth it. It is necessary to evoke the desire of viewers to see how you fulfill the specified goal. Ideally, when for each goal you present you purposefully. For example, set a goal that remove the blouse? Excellent! Unbutton a few buttons from above, and in time and from below if the target is tightened. Stroke your body under the blouse, roll your eyes while in particularly sensitive places. Nothing complicated, and you will always be welcome for the audience, and the result in the form of earnings will not keep you waiting.

Do not be afraid to experiment with applications, although many are enough and the application that we described. Information on configuring other applications can be found in the description of an application or bot Chaturbate or on the Internet. Also you can always contact your manager of our webcam studio, which will help you in everything.