Make money on tips in a free chat

make money with tips in free chat

Except for all the known way to make money ( private show, paid album, etc. )in the webcam chat there are additional. You probably know it but did not think about how to use all its possibilities. Each webcam model gets a tips in the free chat from time to time, so users show that they like you. But few webcam models think that to make money on tips in free chat can be the main earnings. It’s simple. You refuse private shows or set huge prices on them. After all, when you go to private chat with one user, the others leave your room. So, not agreeing to a private shows, you will have a huge number of spectators and if you arrange an interesting show for them, they give you tips and earnings can be much more as in private show, even the most expensive.

This method to make money in the webcam chat does not fit all webcam models. You should have a well-developed fantasy for setting up the show, also well should be to use different accessories and apps&bots Chaturbate.

If you know exactly what you will do in spite of everything, you can do it, and if users can interfere with your show with their wishes, etc. Then we recommend setting the so-called show rules and price list of your services, for example: denying costs 500 tokens, etc.

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