Order international paying system card for receive the payments from webcam

firstchoice pay card for receive the paiments from webcam

Firstchoice Pay is international paying system. In fact, you are only opened a virtual account among millions of the same in one large real bank account. Thus, no one will be following the movement of your funds, and most importantly, your country’s financial monitoring and tax services will not even know about your account, let alone money on it and your work in the webcam. But to use the card is very convenient, you can withdraw cash dollars at any ATM if they are provided with it, in countries where ATMs do not issue dollars, they are automatically converted into local currency. It is also easy to calculate this card in stores, besides it is completely without a commission. And in addition to all it is also reliably protected. Proceeding from these all advantages and appreciating your anonymity, we work only with this method of receiving payments from webcam. You just need to order a card while your profile in the chat is created and when the order is completed, give your manager in our live cam studio your email address, which serves for sending payments from between accounts. To order Firstchoice Pay paying card for receiving payments, please click here.

If you have any questions about ordering a card, you can contact us at any of the contacts listed on the site or directly to your manager (for already working webcam models).

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