Safely and anonymity in webcam

your safely and anonymity in webcamee

Safely and anonymity in the work of the webcam model have a significant value. Someone does not want to be learned about it by close ones, some are afraid that chat users will look for he/she, and somewhere work in webcam is forbidden by law. Therefore our webcam jobs agency is very seriously to your safely and anonymity in work as webcam models.

What we do for your safely and anonymity:

  • For users in webcam chat you are identified only by nickname, which is not related to your real data. No one will know them.
  • All the data you provide to us is absolutely confidential.
  • We specify the fake location of your profile in the chat.
  • Our live cam studio is the only one in the webcam who allows working to hide the face.
  • Payments you receive on an anonymous card, which means that the source of money as the money itselves are not available to anyone except you and about your work in webcams, no one will know.

What do we recommend to you

for your safely and anonymity:

  • In advance to think up a legend of who you are and where to and stick it with everyone at work.
  • Do not give real contacts to users from webcam chat, unless you are sure of your safely and anonymity (like our models who received their site and mail with the promotion service).
  • If you suspecting that something or facing an unknown something then consult please with your manager.

Thus, together we will preserve your safely and anonymity in webcam, which we, for our part, guarantee to you.

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