What is private show. How to do it. Private show settings.

private chat for webcam models

Paid shows have been and will be the main way to make money for webcam models in live cam chat. There are private show ang group show.

What is private show and how make money with it?

Private show is the same video broadcast as in the free chat, but here you are alone with one viewer who pays for your private show. Thanks to webcam sites technologies, deception in a private show is excluded from the viewers’ side, because money is automatically removed from his account and added to you every second. The cost of a minute of private chat is initially set at a minimum by your manager when he/she create your account, so that you can earn fans by being a brand new webcam model. Later, you can raise the cost of a minute of private chat with you in parallel with the growth of your popularity and the number of fans.

To avoid misunderstandings, the webcam model initially negotiates with the client and indicates in the account (by self or your manager) that he/she/they agrees to do in the chat and what does not.

How to do private chat ?

Although the cam model is the mistress of her room, but to go to a private show she must be invited by the user. And this means for begin it you need that user want you. Use our advice and be desired, and then there will be a lot of people who want to be alone with you. And then everything is simple, when you receive an invitation to a private show, it is displayed both in the chat window and under your miniature broadcast to the left of the chat, you just need to click to confirm your consent to a private chat.

Since time in private show it’s money, we recommend not to hurry to satisfy the user’s need and do everything in a hurry. But too slow, too, can not be, otherwise there is a danger of losing this viewer.

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